The Isle of Hope Swimming Club has been around since the 1960s and is almost a rite of passage for the kids on the island. So many friends and families have shared their stories of 'growing up at the pool'. 


At the close of the 2019 season, we will be making some much-needed repairs & upgrades to the large pool's pump room and electrical system. 


To date, we have been able to offset a lot of our costs by fundraising and accepting donations. This has allowed us to keep our membership costs low and unchanged for the last several years. 


We are asking for your support as we prepare for these significant repairs and upgrades. 


Please consider a donation to the Isle of Hope Swimming Club today.

The Isle of Hope Swimming Club is a 501C7 organization, 
 operating as a Non-Profit. 



Repairs & Maintenace: The pool is always looking for folks that are handy and we always have some kind of 'handyman' type repairs to do around the pool. If you are available to help us out on occasion, please email so we can put you on our call list.



ARE YOU A LICENSED PLUMBER, ELECTRICIAN, or CONTRACTOR? Let us Know! We will be doing some major work in these three categories come the off season, and occasionally have the need for licensed folks when something breaks. We would love to Keep the work "In the pool family" if we can. Let us know so we can put you on our call list!