1.    Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution & Bi-Laws of the Isle of Hope Swimming Club: Membership:
The Isle of Hope Swimming Club is open only to residents of Isle of Hope, Dutch Island, Wylly Island, and the surrounding area (Savannah). The decision of the Board of Directors as to any questions under this section shall be final. 

2.    Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution & Bi-Laws of the Isle of Hope Swimming Club: Family Group Membership: 
A family group shall consist of those members permanently residing under one roof.
(Family Group Defined: family members or co-residents under one roof in a single household)
The decision of the Board of Directors as to any questions under this section shall be final.


Below Are the Listed Membership Options and their prices:

Family Membership:
Immediate family members of a single household.


Individual Membership:


Non-Member Water Aerobics & Adult Lap Swim Package:


NOTE: All new Family  Group or Individual members will be charged a one-time $100 new member initiation fee.

Guest Passes:


$5 per person

or $30 for 10 passes


Guest Policy

  • IOH residents may not come to the pool as a guest.  They must purchase their own membership.

  • Out of town guests are free and must be accompanied by a member.  Out of town guests are defined as anyone residing outside of Chatham County

  • Guests must be accompanied at all times by a member.

  • Caregivers may bring member children at no cost.  Guests of caregivers are subject to Guest Fees and policies. Pool access for caregivers is limited to the time they are caring for a member child.​

*Note: By submitting a check to the Isle of Hope Swimming Club, as payment for membership, fundraising, or any reason, I authorize the Isle of Hope Swimming Club to electronically debit my bank account one time, for the amount recorded on the check. I acknowledge that electronic debits against my account must comply with United States law. This authorization is to remain in effect until I notify the Isle of Hope Swimming Club of its cancellation by giving written notice in enough time for the business and receiving financial institution to have a reasonable opportunity to act on it.


Please email for any questions regarding memberships 

Pool Rules & Policies



We are looking forward to an exciting pool season. We will continue with wristbands this year. WRISTBANDS MUST BE WORN or ON YOUR PERSON for entry. Paid members will receive wristbands based on the number in their household as listed on their membership form. Please do not send a payment w/out an updated membership form. The form may be downloaded via the APPLY TODAY button above. Wristbands can be worn, attached to a bag, a key chain, however you want to do it, but you will have to have it with you to gain entry to the pool and will have to produce it if asked.


THE BIGGEST CHANGE - LIFEGUARDS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING MEMBERSHIP APPLICATIONS OR MEMBERSHIP PAYMENTS. There will be a mailbox located at the pool specifically for that. Membership must be processed and wristbands distributed before continued pool entry will be allowed.


We had a little bit of trouble in the past with pool crashers and this will provide a good visual for lifeguards and members along the lines of who is supposed to be there - and who isn't.


Lifeguards will also be diligent in enforcing the safety rules for our children. Per the pool rules (posted above & at the pool) children can only be left at the pool without a parent if they can swim the length of the pool (age limits apply) If they cannot - a parent must attend with that child. Children that are dropped off who cannot perform this task will be asked to leave the water and will be sent home.


If a child is in the big pool and appears to be a new swimmer, or is in the big pool with a flotation device, the child (or parent and child) may be asked to move to the medium smaller pool at the discretion of the lifeguards. An example - this will be the case on exceptionally crowded days OR if the swimmer appears to be at risk. Again, it will be enforced at the discretion of the lifeguards.


We realize there may be times where a member disagrees; however, because these rules reference safety-related issues, the lifeguard's decision will stand.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email